When I graduated, I found that I was not really happy with the degree that I chose to major in. I had worked hard to get a computer science degree, but I really disliked the field after I landed a couple of jobs. I wanted to do something else, so I became a real estate agent and I loved it. I struggled at first to bring in customers, but finally came up with the idea of creating an app to sell homes. I did this with the help of the people who run https://www.massiveinfinity.com and the great smarts they have to put together something that was customized just for my needs.

A lot of the older agents in the office that I work in still rely on contacting customers with repeated phone calls or sending out mailers. Both of these things take a long time. In my eyes, they also waste a lot of time. It takes over one hundred calls or mailers to find even one person who is interested in what you’re selling. Even then, the chances are slim that one person will even buy from you. You can end up spending a lot of time and money to reach out to people, only to find that you are empty handed afterward. I knew that I needed a way to help potential clients remain interested without me needing to spend so much time on this task.

Getting an app created has worked out wonderfully for me. My original idea was to offer something that people could install on their phones and be notified every time I have new homes to sell. I wanted it to be able to put the info into the app on my end, and then that info would show up on a potential client’s phone within minutes. This has worked out well for me, and I get a lot of calls from interested people within minutes of them being notified of my new listings.