I left my country 30 years ago, and I thought I would spend the rest of my life not hearing much about it again, except for the times that I would hear from my parents through letters. That has changed now, and I am can keep up with keeping up to date with the state where I lived by reading about Taraba news online now. My parents and I are grateful for the ability. I say that my parents are grateful as well because they are now here with me after being away from them so long. Life is really good now.

When I left three decades ago, I wanted to see more of the world and what it had to offer me. I thought I would just travel for awhile, and had no idea that I would not be going back to my family. I met a lot of really good people, and at some point, I was offered a really good paying job. While the cost of living is higher here, the pay I would receive for accepting the job was more than enough money to live on well. It was also a lot more money than I could earn back home. I sent my parents a letter to let them know, and told them that I planned to stay for awhile.

Thanks to Internet and the ability to make phone calls more easily between countries, I have been able to keep up with how my family is doing rather easily. I had no idea that it would be so easy one day. I thought the only conversations we would have would be with letters for life. In telling my parents about my new country, they began expressing to me that they would love to come visit. I flew them out for that reason, and once here, they decided they would like to stay. I began working on the paperwork immediately and now they are here with me full time.