I started looking at apartments in San Antonio even while I was married, because I knew that I had made a mistake in marrying someone I did not know that well. We thought we were in love after just a couple of months of dating, and we eloped during our third month of spending time together. Dating and living together are two completely different things, and I was able to see his true colors once I was living with him at his home. I knew that I had to get out, which is why I started looking at apartments.

I did not need anything big because it is just me. I know a lot of apartments will allow pets, but I didn’t even have a dog or cat. I was hoping that might change though because I knew that it would be a very long time before I even thought about dating again. So, I started looking for small one bedroom apartments in the town where I used to live. I didn’t even want to stay in the same state because I knew he would probably bother me a lot there, plus I am a Texas girl at heart.

When I came across the Niche apartments, I really liked everything that I saw. I will be able to get that cat or dog, or perhaps one of each, once I am ready to take on that responsibility. The apartments are really nice too, and everything I will need is either right there on the grounds or just a very short drive away. It feels really great getting a new start again, and I am not going to mess this opportunity up this time. Getting away was easy the way I did it, and I am now looking forward to all of my tomorrows again!